Monday, January 17, 2011

UNSC Red Combat Unit

I once purchased a Mega Bloks building set before. It was missing a key piece so I returned it and decided to write off the entire line. Then a friend gave me this set for Christmas. Let's see what we've got, shall we.

Four Mega Blok Halo minifigs. They're not as strudy as the Lego Minifigs, but they do feature one thing the Lego figures are woefully lacking, elbow and knee joints. Oh, and the shoulder joints are ball jointed. That was surprising, although unsurprisingly the arms kept popping out of the joints, requiring they be replaced frequently. Each minifig here has a different design and a different weapon.

Oh, and their feet are designed to snap onto the top of a Lego style building block, however the feet are also shaped in such a way that it is hard to get a firm connection between the pieces.

The set also comes with an interesting display base. Something I wish the Lego minifigs came with more often. Overall: Not as cool or good as Lego minifigs but they have some interesting features that the Lego minifigs lack. If they were significantly cheaper they might have more going for them.

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  1. Am not a huge Halo fan but i would not mind buying couple of these figures they look kind of cool.


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