Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ice Warrior

Continuing on with our look back at classic Doctor Who baddies, it's the Ice Warrior. Featured in two black and white episodes as aliens from Mars (they colonised it and then decided to take over Earth), they then returned in the 3rd Doctor's tenure as reformed soldiers for the Galactic Federation and then again as an extremist militant faction of the Ice Warriors who wanted to return their people to their evil ways. Which, for a race of Doctor Who Monsters, is an extremely nuanced and mature approach to a race of space invaders.

Key points of the Ice Warriors? They were vulnerable to high temperatures, spoke with a very noticable hiss, like a snake, they wore a lot of armor, and their clamp hands.

The armor on the toy restricts the figure's movement. The articulation is there, the joints are similar to most Doctor Who figures, although the bicep swivel is gone. But the armor bits prevent the limbs from moving that much. In some ways that means the figure has limited movement similar to the way the actors could portray them on television, but screw that. I want an Ice Warrior that can do the splits.

But otherwise it's a good looking adaptation of the creature.

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