Sunday, January 9, 2011

Silurian Warrior Alaya

I've got a thing for the classic iconic Doctor Who monsters, so when they brought back the Silurians in the new series I was stoked, even if they did completely redesign them so they look absolutely nothing like the old ones. Those guys had inflexible faces that looked like weird demon masks and also, walked around naked.

Not so much the new Silurians, especially sinc they're very clearly female. (Why would female reptile humanoids have mammaries?) This was my Christmas gift from Mario. Thanks man. While completely identical to the other Silurian soldiers (all women) this is actually of the character Alaya. You can tell because she comes with the chain she was tied down with. It only fits around her wrists, so that's where it goes. She was also one of the only two Silurian females to show their face (because less expensive prosthetics, that's why), so her mask comes off.

Overall, a nice figure and it's nice to add another "Monster" to my Who Baddies shelves. I have her keep the mask on because she looks more intimidating that way. Unintimidating bad guys don't really help the bad guy shelves all that much. That's why I don't let Doctor Constantine keep his feeble old man head on.

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