Friday, January 21, 2011

Archie McPhee Surprise Bag, pt. 3

Okay, let's get to the part that can generously be called: The only reason I thought it might be worth it to buy the surprise pack. That's the novelty action figures that Archie McPhee sells.

Li'L Ludwig and Li'L Wolfgang: Part of the Li'L genius series. I'm more tempted by the first series which featured writers, but I think those are out of stock. These guys are pretty neat though. Minifigures based on famous composers. And ones I can recognize and sort of respect. The likeness isn't something you'd get right away, but I think they're striking in their own right. Plus I can now say I own a Beethoven figure.

I would have paid: $2.50 each.

Cubes Corporate Protester and Motivational Speaker: I don't own that many of the Cubes action figures, but I really like the concept behind them. Basically you get a small minifigure dressed like an office drone and accessories that you can use to make a work cubicle complete with bad posters and office scenery. These two guys are part of the expanion packs so you can fill your office with more workers and office archetypes. I've actually wanted the Motivational Speaker for quite a while and have been eyeing the Corporate Protester, partially because I'm pretty sure their accessories would be in scale with the PALZ figures I've accumulated. So big excitement that both of these guys are in this surprise bag.
I would have paid: $5 for the Motivational Speaker, $3.50 for the Corporate Protester.

Casanova Action Figure: Here's the thing about the Accoutrements action figures, they're not very good. The articulation is limited, the accessories don't actually fit in their hands, and the likeness is varied in accuracy. They mostly get by based on the novelty value of someone making an action figure of either a historical figure or a mundane occupation. In essence they're ironic action figures, except for people who are really into a certain subject will buy a lot of them. (Librarians around the country LOVE the Librarian action figure. Seriously, go to any library and there's a 75% chance that someone on staff will own one and a 60% chance that they've displayed it in the office.)
The other side of that is that if you have no interest in the subject matter, if you don't care that they made an action figure of the subject, then these action figures have very little value. Which is how I feel about Casanova.
I would have paid: $1.50
Wagner Action Figure: I work with someone who has this displayed at work. I know that the conductor's wand doesn't stay in his hand unless you glue it in. So this thing was certainly made to be displayed in package. I dig it more than the Casanova figure, but only because I like classical music to some degree.
I would have paid: $2.00
Skydiving Freud Figure: Now we're talking. One: I know and sort of admire Sigmund Freud. Two: I find it hilarious that there's an action figure of him, especially one that they then strapped into a parachute harness. Three: The likeness is actually kind of good.
I would have paid: $6

So that brings my total assessed value to: $32.50. That mean's we're over the $25 cost of the bag, and even covers the shipping costs. So that's cool. One last part to this series then.


  1. Skydiving Freud for the win on this one.

  2. i agree with JBoy- Skydiving Freud wins, though I think the Casanova is funny, too- wonder what he & Freud would talk about ...? :D