Friday, January 28, 2011

Six-Armed Spider Man & the Lizard

Who's got six arms and comes with the Lizard?

This guy!

I don't know why Spider-Man's rogues gallery makes for such great minimates, but I love them so. Now I just need to get the Vulture from the Friends & Foes box set and I can rest for a while.

Oddly enough this is one of the few 2-packs available both through the direct market and from Toys R' Us where the figures vary a little. The Spider-Man minimates in the different sets have slight differences in coloring and the size of the eyes on the head.


  1. how weird is that? surely spiders have eight legs?!

    1. Idiot his legs are the 7th and 8th legs

  2. Oow, I like the lizard. I need a few more villans for my many variations of Spidey. Then maybe I could get more exclusive shots of production :)

  3. That Lizard Mini-Mate is all sorts of cool. Did they make one of Mysterio?


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