Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Lord, I can't believe I own a Torchwood toy. Yes, I have a Captain Jack Harkness figure, but that's from the Doctor Who line. This is from a completely seperate company (kinda. Different in the UK, in the US it's distributed by the same company that does the Doctor Who stuff.)

I'm not a fan of Torchwood, but they did a godawful episode that sort of involved Cybermen, and then they made a toy of the half-naked, half-converted Cybercharacter... and I'm a big Cyberman fan and want to collect as many of the 5-inch Cyber figures they make so... I bit the bullet.

Man, this makes the line-up look weird. I've got a Cybermen army lined up and in the middle of them all, a half-naked Cyberwoman. It's like someone is doing a Crossplay swimsuit calendar. Sheesh.

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