Friday, December 10, 2010

Martha Jones

It's Martha Jones, the Companion from the 3rd Season of Doctor Who. So of course they made a figure of her, and it turns out to be a pretty good one. The outfit they picked is pretty iconic (although to make it look glossy they painted it in a way that feels sticky to the touch, as if it's still half-wet. I swear I'm making finger print impressions every time I touch it and I'm afraid it'll smear or rub off if I'm not delicate.)

I picked Martha up to add some variety to the "Good Guy" shelf of my Doctor Who figures. I'm quite pleased with the figure, although I notice all the companion figures seem to feature this bland non-chalant expression, like they're a little bored.

One thing I like about the sculpt of her wide bottom jeans is that they result in a larger "foot" that serves to balance the figure more when standing up.

I'm really loving the articulation on the Doctor Who figures. If they had ball-jointed shoulders they would be about perfect.

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