Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Uncanny X-Men Box Set

The problem I have with the Minimate Box sets is that too often I'll only want one or two of the figures, which means I have problems paying $15 for the set. Especially if like this sucker, it's a SDCC exclusive. I wanted this set for Jubilee and Bishop, but it wasn't until I was at a toy show where I could haggle the price down from $10 to $8 that I picked it up. Thank you toy show.

First up is Battle-Ravaged Wolverine and Asteroid M Magneto. Battle Ravaged because there's already a couple figures named Battle-Damaged Wolverine. Meh. Then there's Asteroid M Magneto wearing a what is a very un-intimidating costume from the 80's. Which makes sense, that was the emasculating era of Alan Alda talk about our feelings manliness. Or so I hear, I was 5. This is from Magneto's short lived period of being a good guy when he lead the New Warriors and joined the X-men after helping them out during the Secret Wars, when the Beyonder kept lumping him together with the heroes. It's a bad 80's costume design and should never have been made into a figure. Seriously, just give me another X-men.

Yay, 90's Bishop and Jubilee. Also known as the iconic looks of these characters because everyone stopped reading comic books in the 90's when it imploded on its own hubris... Or something like that. There's been a Bishop figure before, but it was the 2000's Bishop, when Bishop became boring and Marvel had to keep trying to revitalize him because he had been in the present too long to be the "Guy from the distopian future that is stuck in the past." So 90's Bishop is a welcome addition. Although considering we've gotten X-Force Cable and this 90's Bishop, that old Cable/Bishop 2-pack is looking mighty sad.

Also, we get our first Jubilee minimate, and yay, because Jubilee is awesome.

Oh, and they did the thing where they printed Jubilee's non-sunglasses face on the back of her head so you can turn it around.

I dunno, why give the Asian character an Anime face? Is that a comment? It feels like a comment on something.

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