Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sea Devil

The Sea Devils are one of those Classic Doctor Who monsters that became iconic despite only appearing twice, and even then with about 10 years in between appearances. This toy is based on their first appearance when they wore netting. In their second appearance they wore samurai armor. No, it doesn't make a lot of sense why.

Considering this toy is based on the limited monster design of the early 70's, it looks pretty spot on. It really conveys the cheap rubber mask look from the serial. (Which was about prehistoric creatures, cousins to the previous season's prehistoric creature the Silurians, who woke up after sea mine testing reactivated their cryogenic stasis pods. The Sea Devils decided they wanted their planet back from the monkeys that had taken over, and so teamed up with the Master. Because that year all the bad guys teamed up with the Master. Seriously.)

And since I'm trying to build a collection of what I consider to be iconic Doctor Who monsters, I knew I'd eventually need this dude.

He comes with the middle torso piece of the K-1 Robot, which is good since I've only got the top and bottom torso pieces. So now I can connect the three of them into a no-head, no-limbs, torso-only robot freak.


  1. seems like u're huge dr. who's fan...

    and this guy looks vintage. nice toy.