Monday, December 6, 2010

Dalek Drone

When the last series of Doctor Who aired and they introduced the new Dalek design, in five brigh colors, I said to myself, man, they're really pushing for new toys.

And I was right!

This dude was the easiest one to get. It's larger than any other Dalek toy in this scale, but something about it looks wrong. It juts out too much in the back whereas Daleks in the past usually jutted out to the front. As a race that always moves forward and doesn't retreat, that makes sense. But going after years of traditional design, it's very jarring. The Dalek looks like it's hunched over.

This guy is red. I've never had a red Dalek before, and I kind of like it. (I never got the Dalek Supremem when that was easy to find.) I told myself I'd wait until I got this one before I decided if I'd try to get my hands on the other colors. And now that I've got one in my hands... I think I'll pass. The design still freaks me out and the paint is kinda poor quality on the base.

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