Sunday, December 5, 2010

Toy Show Purchases

I went to a toy show in San Jose. While I was there I saw this.

It cost $45 so I did not buy it, but here is what I did buy.

3 Farscape figures. Even though I love Farscape, I never bought the toys because they had horrible articulation and spotty actor likenesses. But then I went to this toy show and found a bunch of Farscape figures at $2 each. I picked up these three after negotiating a 3 for $5 deal. These will actually be the first action figures I've ever purchased with the intention of never opening. I'm going to use them as wall decorations, which is why I'm listing them here instead of giving them a proper entry all to themselves.
Next up is a Lego Advent calendar from 2004. The guy selling this was desperate to unload it once the show was over, so I was able to talk him down to $8. Which is really the best deal ever. Seriously, I just checked, this thing goes for $100 on Amazon and is going for $26 on ebay with 4 days left to bid and $14 shipping. Original price: $15. The dude had no idea about Legos. And I had to explain to him what an advent calendar is. So it's not surprising that he didn't care. Now unfortunately we're already pretty far into December for me to start doing entries on this, so I think I'll save it for another month. We'll do some Advent Calendar entries in January or July or something like that.

This is something I picked up for $1. According to the printing on the bottom this is copyrighted to Harvey Comics, which means this is from a Casper toy line.
I also picked up a few minimates at some good prices, so I'll go over those in future entries.


  1. soo many COOL vintage toys. nice score dude

  2. Vintage? All the toys I bought are from 2000-2004.

    Man, now I feel old.

  3. That Casper figure is Kibosh from the direct-to-video "Casper, A Spirited Beginning". I never knew they made toys based on that awful film!


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