Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vashta Narada

Forget the name of this blog folks. I didn't buy this toy. I got this for my birthday from Mario. Considering my birthday was 3 months ago, I really should have gotten to writing about this earlier. But you know what, that didn't happen.


Hmmm, this is kind of becoming a Doctor Who week. Another one. Screw it, I love Doctor Who.
But hey, it's a toy based on corpse in a hazmat suit being controlled by spores that look exactly like shadows. A corpse that was stripped to the bone and eaten by those same spores. Doctor Who, folks. A kids show. Cheery! Let's see Disney make something like that... oh wait, they probably did. They were much darker back in the 60's and 70's.


  1. he's creeoy and cool at the same time. awesome, dude

  2. This might be one of the coolest Doctor Who figures I've seen yet. They really nailed the details...

    Good episode, too.