Thursday, December 23, 2010

Elite Heroes Fire Fighters Fire Chief

The Minimates Max Elite Heroes minimates are civilian hero minimates. So you get generic firemen, cops, soldiers, etc. The faces aren't distinct, but then no minimate face is, so feel free to army build. On the one hand the lack of licensed characters makes them a little dull, but on the other hand you get a bunch more accessories because that money doesn't have to pay anyone for image rights and you also get some background civilian minimates to round out your collection.

So I thought I'd try these guys out. You only get 2 figures per set, but they come with enough accessories and extra parts that you can easily dress up a third figure with it all and not know who it is under there. (Mine is Chekov.)

I mean, look at that. Three fireman hats. And awesome accessories for minimates. An axe! A fire extinguisher! A flashlight! Another axe! The Jaws of life!
I got the Fire Chief set rather than the Fire Fighter set. The difference is that the regular fire fighter doesn't have that open coat. A small difference, but one I wanted.

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