Thursday, December 2, 2010

Doctor Who ebay Lot: The Doubles

These are the figures that I got in the ebay auction but already had. Since I have already reviewed them in this blog, I figured I'd just lump them all together. You've got Professor Yana (and if you'll remember I got him in an ebay auction right before I won this large lot, so hey, money wasted), Jack Harkness, Davros, a Dalek from "Death to the Daleks", a Cyberman from "Tomb of the Cybermen (of which I already have two), and a Dalek that came with the first Doctor.

Okay, so the Daleks and the Cyberman I'm cool with having extras to army build. Those guys thrive on uniformity. But Two Jack Harknesses? (Is that the proper plural?) Two Yanas? I'm probably going to give Davros to Mario for Christmas. I dunno. I gotta find a really big Yana fan. I'm pretty sure there are big Jack Harkness fans out there.


  1. Wish they had these in 12" size. Sigh.

  2. There are a few 12 inch Doctor Who figures. Some are RC models (like the 12 inch Davros) and some are regular 12 inch figures. Most are from the 2nd and 3rd series, Cybermen, Martha Jones and the like.


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