Friday, March 11, 2011

2 year anniversary!

Two years ago I started this blog. It's an anniversary! Long time readers, or people who read through the old entries, will notice I didn't celebrate the 1 year anniversary. That's because I'm lazy. Seriously, you know why this blog will be going on for a while? Because here's a picture of the backlog of toys I need to open.

But this year I hope to start what will be an ongoing (I'm not going to declare annual, I might get lazy again sometime in the future) Anniversary tradition: A list of my Top 5 favorite toys.

Not of the last year, not that have been featured on this site, AND certainly not my favorite toys of all time... No, this list will be of the top 5 toys that I currently own. As the years go on, I hope that the changes to the list will reflect my ongoing changes both in my collection, but also of my tastes. So, having said that, let's begin.

5. Dinosorb the Meteorb
I've already gone into why I love this guy, so I'll just reiterate that this is the perfect combination of transforming toy, dinosaur, and childhood nostalgia to make it one of my favorites that I picked up in the last year. Plus it gets a He-Man toy on this list, always good for the nostalgic toy fan audience.

4. Nixon's Head from Futurama
I know this figure was an accessory to the Zapp Brannigan figure, but I don't care. This is an amazing toy in its own right. Why? Because it's the disembodied head of President Nixon. It's a toy depicting one of history's most fascinating Presidents... but only his head which has been kept alive and got himself elected President of Earth.... Man, Futurama is a great show. But even without all that context... IT'S A TOY OF RICHARD NIXON'S DISEMBODIED HEAD!

3. Archangel Minimate
You knew a representitive of the minimates line was going to show up here eventually. I didn't think it would be so when I bought this guy, but he's become one of my favorite minimates of all time. He is just depicted so well within the limitations of the minimate form. It's a striking use of the complex and simple... and damned if that wingspan isn't impressive.

2. Galactus Mighty Mugg
I love me some Galactus, especially when he's portrayed so ironically adorable! Who's the cutest world eater? You are. But seriously, it's hilarious that they took the character who is supposed to be cosmic and overwhelminingly majestic and created this.

1. Cyberman from Earthshock
They made a very accurate looking toy of my favorite design of my favorite monster from my favorite television show... Hell yes this is my favorite toy right now. I've wanted something like this for almost two decades. And now it is mine in all its glorious glory.

Okay, so that's my 5 favorite toys that I own. And that is that.

What do you think mini-block-figure of Reginald VelJohnson?


  1. Congratulations on hitting the two-year mark!

    Awesome Cyberman, BTW. Have a gold star. Heh.

  2. Well done and congrats! Keep this passion alive bro!

  3. Congratulations! I love that Nixon head from Futurama! Hilarious!

  4. Congrats and keep up the great work and i love that DinosOrb! : )