Monday, March 28, 2011

Cybermen Week... Opening Ceremonies!

Right after the first month I had this blog I did a Cybermen week, dedicated to the new Cybermen wave of toys that came out in the Classic Doctor Who line. This year I thought, what the hey, let's bring it back!

So sit back for a week of cybermen related posts!

The Cybermen have always been my favorite Doctor Who monsters/villains ever since I got into Doctor Who back in 1992. The first Doctor Who story I saw had the Cybermen in it, and watching them in clip shows and future Doctor Who stories cemented my love of the cyborg boogeymen. It's no surprise that when we started making Doctor Who fan-films the first classic monster I wanted to introduce was the Cybermen.

Ever since their first appearance, the Cybermen have evolved with every appearance, their design altering subtley or dramatically depending on how long passed between their appearances. Each time they became streamlined, as you would expect from a mechanically based race who constantly sought to improve their functionality in a bid for Universal domination. Even their weaknesses evolved over the years, with each new iteration of the Cybermen becoming harder to kill. (Unless you had gold coins and a slingshot. Gold could clog up their breathing units and kill a cyberman right away. Usually producing some foam and a low pitched moan.)


  1. Their voices also evolved. I loved how the 10th Planet Cybermen used to just open their mouths and speak without forming word-shapes. And the way they changed pitch/tone as they spoke, as if they were using a bank of pre-recorded words or something was very cool.

    The only thing is, there's one of the actors who doesn't do it as well as the others and sounds very camp when he speaks. Oh well.

  2. one guy is actually from Star Trek, y know?