Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wind Up Robots

I have no freaking idea how to properly tag these guys. I found them in the clearance shelves of Target's Party/Art section. They're clearly meant to be gift bag goodies, but I saw them discounted to a dollar and decided that I really liked their retro design. Because it turns out I enjoy classic looking robots. Their wind up action is actually rather fun to play around with. They walk across my table, their arms pumping up and down, their heads nodding back and forth in what I can only assume is a scientists attempt to humanize their android creations but which only resulted in an uncanny valley situation that unnerved the workers that served alongside the robots.

You know, for what is essentially 25 cents each, I love these guys. Worth every penny, even if their paint job isn't great because damn, 25 cents.

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