Friday, March 4, 2011


Bakugan was on clearance at Target, with some of the sets going under $1.50. Since the only Bakugan toys I had ever purchased were from McDonalds Happy Meals, I thought I'd pick one up to see how it fared as a "transforming ball" toy. Because I don't know anything about the card game and I don't ever want to know. I'm old damnit. STAY OFF MY METAPHORICAL LAWN!

So one thing I didn't know about these toys is that the real non-Happy Meal toys come with a slate of metal that is placed inside of one of the playing cards. When the toy ball touches the metal card it activates the transformation from a ball via some sort of magnet. That's pretty cool.

The toy itself is rather flimy once its transformed. The joints aren't strong at all so there's no posing going on. It simply has two modes: ball and not ball, in this case some sort of dragon thing with floppy legs and arms. When you're done you simply take it off the card and fold it back into a ball.

The whole process is kind of neat, but I don't think I'll be buying another Bakugan ever again... although that isn't the first time I've declared that... Which is kind of pathetic really.


  1. It looks like that training drone from Star Wars...

    My nephew collects these things but I don't think he's figured-out the magnetic-transformation thing. If he has, he's never shown me how it works, anyway!

  2. It is flimsy because it had to transform when it hit the card or any magnetic thingy if I remember correctly. Without the card rules or watching the show, this toy doesn't appeal too much. Try watching the show first. You never too old to play. :)