Thursday, March 24, 2011

Faceless Grandma Connolly & The Wire

Seriously, who the hell wants a Grandma Connolly figure? Even a faceless one? I wanted this set for one reason and one reason only: The Wire. Which is technically Grandma Connolly's accessories.

I know, I know, I already have the Wire. But getting this figure means I can get the other Wire, the one that comes on the portable Television the Doctor fights at the end of the episode. Hooray! (Also hooray for lenticular technology. It's a lost art.)

And having a second Wire in the Television set isn't exactly horrible. In the show she was on every television set, so having her on two is a good start. (Although I'll be befiggered if I'm buying more Grandma Connolly's.)

Actually interesting story, when I asked the vendor if he had this figure, he told me that when they first came out they couldn't give them away, but recently its become a high demand figure... But the price from when no one wanted it remains in place for now... which sort of explains why I thought it was affordable enough to purchase an action figure of an old woman.

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