Monday, March 21, 2011

Lil Edgar Allan Poe

Obviously Lil Edgar, part of Accoutrements Toys Lil Genius line, is based on Edgar Allan Poe. This is rad because Edgar Allan Poe basically created the mystery genre, popularized horror literature, is arguably the greatest American writer of all time, and wrote some of the greatest literature ever.

He was also the subject of one of the best songs from the Broadway musical Snoopy, which was then adapted to an animated television special. The best song from Snoopy is probably "Just One Person," but Edgar Allan Poe has the benefit of actually teaching people while using a catchy tune. EDUTAINMENT!

Where was I? Oh yeah, they made an Edgar Allan Poe mini-figure!

The reason I like these "Lil" figures is that they're in scale with so many mini-figures. Which leads to all sorts of hijinks that Edgar Allan Poe can take part in.


  1. Neat figure and imagine what high jinx he could get into! Is there one of H.P. Lovecraft too?

  2. No, that wave was limited to Poe, Dickens, Shakespeare, and Austen