Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cyberman Leader Helmet

This is a mini-version of the Cyberleader Helmet from the 80's (So essentially the Earthshock design, which is my favorite)... made by WETA. The guys who made all the props for Lord of the Rings. They made this a while ago, a couple years before I decided I wanted one. (And a full year before I even knew it existed.) By the time I wanted one it cost too much, because a couple years in this market for limited edition collectibles is like a decade. Seriously, limited to 500 pieces.

I never thought I'd be able to get one. But I found a couple at the Doctor Who convention I went to back in February. The one I ended up getting was discounted because it had a few scratches and a large scratch in the back. But I didn't care, it was something I really wanted, at a dicounted price. THAT IS AWESOME. Because truthfully, I figured it would get scuffed up when I displayed it anyway, so a few scratches aren't that big a deal to me. As long as the front looked good enough to me (it did) then I would be overjoyed... and happy... same thing.

You see that dent/scratch? Yeah, only if you're looking at it from the back, which I don't. So who cares? But that was enough to drop the price by 50% so HOORAY!

Okay, so down to brass tacks. It's fairly small, under 8 inches tall when you include the display stand, has a good heft to it, and IT IS AWESOME BECAUSE IT IS A CYBERMAN HELMET DEPICTING THE CYBERMEN FROM THE 80S! I really like it. And it classes up the joint in a way that the Mandarin bust I got a while back never could. Since it sits on a black display stand it looks like a piece of art, and the robotic design makes it seem more mainstream and less geek niche than a supervillian in costume. Of course I have them both next to one another, so that kind of makes it moot.

Also, Cybermen are awesome. Have I mentioned that before?

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