Friday, March 25, 2011

Slitheen & Space Pig

They made a space pig action figure. Heh. The Slitheen were really the first monster to become a regular during the New series of Doctor Who. The Space Pig was their pawn, killed just after it was introduced.

The Slitheen is an impressive action figure. Unlike most Doctor Who figures, the Slitheen gets ball joint shoulders, although no waist or wrist joints. This, as well as the ball joint hips, allow for quite a number of poses. The feet and legs have extra plastic on them to support the figure's weight and allow it to stand freely. I don't think anyone's so invested in the Slitheen that they mind this small addition to the character's design. If anything it makes them look more alien, which is always good because the baby head doesn't do a lot for me. It's the like a little baby, an evil baby with sharp teeth. BABY! I do like their claws though.


  1. What's the pig for anyway?

    1. It was a genetically made decoy to trick the humans into thinking they had the evil alien when the Slitheen were really the bad guys.