Thursday, March 3, 2011

Supreme Dalek

The Dalek Supreme only showed up in a couple episodes of the new series, the latest in the long line of Dalek leaders that never really caught on. But it did result in a new Dalek design, and that's always kind of neat. Especially if you're trying to put together a Dalek shelf, like I am. There have been Daleks dubbed "Supreme" before, but they were never that impressive. And I think they were known as Dalek Supreme rather than Supreme Dalek. Although one of the new Daleks is called Supreme. (The white one.)

But this guy, this guy is red, gold, and has three head lights. That might serve a functional purpose, but I bet it was designed that way because people of power always have more of something to prove their dominance. Also the gold clamps for some reason. I dunno, I think it's a pretty neat Dalek design variation so I'm not sad I bought this one. Even if it did have a higher aftermarket value than I would have liked, but I guess it's also rare so that's to be expected.


  1. I thought when I saw the Supreme Dalek that those extra clamps were going to be broken and something AWESOME was going to climb out, like some weird Dalek-Doctor or somesuch.

  2. This is a figure I want really badly, but the prices for it are crazy!

    I wish CO would re-release him, but I know that ain't gonna happen...

  3. Bill: Maybe in one of those big box sets. I paid way too much for him. I think. I don't know what the fair market value on him is anymore.


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