Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mini AT-ST

The Easter stuff is finally being put up in my area. I'm surprised by the variety this year. But as always the first thing I look for is the Legos. I found the one set I was looking for, the Mini Star Wars Lego set. This time it's an AT-ST, also known affectionately as the Chicken Walker.

Once it's assembled, it feels a little flimsy. The licensed promotional items always cost a little more, and I can't say that I feel like this thing is worth $4. I don't want to go into cranky old man mode, but in my day $4 would get you a minifigure and a small small lego vehicle... actually it still does. They're right next to the bags of Star Wars Legos. If I wanted a Fireman Lego set it would have been a much better deal. ($3.50)

So this is a meh. I'll be happy with the one I have, but I'm not feeling a need to army build like I normally do.

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