Monday, March 7, 2011


Hey, Hot Wheels. It's been a while. Okay, so let's talk about this Hot Wheel I picked up. It's most prominent feature is the giant buzz saw. I had hoped when I picked it up that it would spin when the car moved across the ground. It did not. Oh sure, if it suddenly hit a new surface, like say a small piece of cardboard, it would spin, but it takes more than just pushing the car across the floor to make it happen.

And that makes me sad.

However if you drive your Hot Wheel car by pushing down on it with you finger and guiding it around, then the buzzsaw will spin. Yup, you've got to apply the ole pressure on the car continuously. I'm sorry, I don't do that. I'm an adult collector of Hot Wheels, so to me this isn't going to happen. At least not that often... I think. Maybe if I get really bored. But I'd have to be really bored.

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