Monday, March 14, 2011

Pac Man Tag Game

Did you know that Wendy's has Pac-Man toys in their kid's meal until April? I found out the other day so at lunch I drove to my local Wendy's and got some. I didn't find out until after I bought the kid's meal that you can also just buy the toy's for a buck. But whatever, I needed lunch anyway.

I didn't get them all, because quite frankly I didn't want them all, so here's one I did get: The Pac Man Tag Game. I don't actually care about using these game pieces to play tag, or Pac Tag, which is pretty much a 4-person tag game where whoever is "it" gets to hold onto the Pac Man game piece. (There's an included booklet that explains the rules to Pac Man Tag and also a weird hide and seek variation where the three ghost players try to find and tag Pac Man.) No, I wanted them because the game pieces of Pac Man, Inky, Blinky and Clyde can all double as key chains. Noot good keychains mind you, the images are stickers attached with cheap cardboard placed in the plastic frame. But for cheap kids meal toys they'll do. My plan is to use them as decorative wall hangings.

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  1. Too bad i don't collect kids meal toys i would be all over these. : )