Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Sixth Doctor & Stealth Cybermen

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you to meet the second ever Doctor Who toy that I have no plans to remove from the packaging. I decided at some point long ago that I wanted to get every iteration of the classic Cybermen in action figure form if they released it. That changed as they came up with some stupid variants that I didn't care about, like Black & White version cyberman. And this dude, the Stealth Cyberman, was always in the "I-Don't-Know" column.

You see, the main problem I have with this figure is that he comes packaged with the 6th Doctor. And not a variant either, it's exactly the same as the one I already have from when he was single carded. And the Cyberman itself is the all black Cyberman from Attack of the Cyberman, which is simply an Earthshock Cyberman painted black. The figure reflects this, as it's an Earthshock Cyberman figure (which I already have) painted black. So I ask you, is that worth $40?

No. Not unless you find yourself in a Doctor Who action figure buying frenzy... and you can haggle. So that's the story of why I have the Stealth Cyberman. As to why I'm not opening it up.. I really don't want another loose sixth Doctor, so if I leave it in the packaging then I can put it next to the Time Crash set I've got... So I can have the Stealth Cyberman, display him, but not feel like I wasted my money on another 6th Doctor. Because they both serve as another form of display of my Doctor Who figures...

So let's talk about the Stealth Cyberman... He's an all black version of the Earthshock Cyberman. Which is okay since that is my favorite Cyberman design... to the fact that I sometimes consider buying more figures of it. (Fortunately my brain remains somewhat fiscally responsible.) Stealth Cyberman is nice to have, but if you're not in love with the Cybermen, you can probably skip it.

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