Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mickey Smith

Hey, you're saying, this guy isn't one of the Cybermen. No, it's Mickey Smith, one of the Doctor's companions who was constantly insulted by the Doctor and everyone else because... well pretty much because he was the boyfriend of the Doctor's travelling companion Rose and they felt like Mickey wasn't good enough for her, even though he tried his hardest... The Doctor can be kind of a dick sometimes.

But the thing is, after Mickey decided to stay behind in an alternate dimension he became a hero and started carrying around huge guns... TO HUNT CYBERMEN.

That's right, this isn't a figure of a Cyberman, it's of a Cybermen hunter. They're greatest fear... if the Cybermen could experience emotions like fear. Which they can't. Not really. They removed those emotions from their brains. It's kind of their thing.

I like the way they depict the glove/sweater combination that Mickey usually wears. The face isn't a great representation of actor Noel Clarke, but it's close in a way that makes the dude look like he's totally spaced out.


  1. Yeah, he doesn't have a perpetual scowl to show he's a badass.