Thursday, March 17, 2011

Arcade Prizes

Hey look, it's some crap I won at an arcade by exchanging my tickets and the tickets given to me by a dude who didn't give a crap!

Let's see what we've got.

  • A plush Octopus keychain by Russ, the stuffed animal juggernaut company.
  • A plastic Indian from one of the hilariously out of date and completely historically inaccurate Cowboys and Indian themed plastic figures.
  • A toy spider that is sure to eventually to cause me to mistake it for a real one someday during a night when I'm not wearing my glasses.
  • A small plastic lizard which is pretty neat.
  • An toy ice cream cone that fires its foam "ice cream" when you press a small lever. "Would you like a lick from my obviously fake ice cream?" BOP! Ha! Fooled you!
  • One of those rubber cup things that you turn inside out and then place it on a table so it snaps back, causing it to be propelled into the air for a few seconds.

  • The end.


    1. Geez, how many tickets did those cost you? Last time I was in an arcade 200 barely got me a plastic harmonica lol

    2. 600 tickets. Although that was after pooling some and a machine spitting out 170 more than it should have.


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