Friday, April 1, 2011

Cyberman Pandorica Guard

Yeah, I got this a while ago, but I held back for Cyberman week. When they announced this figure I knew I wanted it. The New Series design isn't my favorite, but I like the idea of a Cyberman with a removable head. It was one of the cooler parts of the last season.

This isn't the first Pandorica Cyber guard. There was an exclusive at a UK store that came with... I think a TARDIS set... which featured "stab through the chest" action feature. Personally I prefer this detachable head feature with tentacle snap on. (Yeah, the head snaps onto the neck and the tentacles the same way. There's a slot and peg system at work here.)

I am disappointed that the detachable head, with open helmet, doesn't feature hinges. Those parts of the helmet, they don't snap shut, which I really wanted to do. I don't know why, I like toys with opening and closing features.

So headless Cyberman? While I want that helmet to close, I'm going to put this in the win column.

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