Friday, April 29, 2011

X-Force Warpath & Professor X

X-Force Warpath, which is something I never thought I really wanted, but here he is, in my collection. Now to be fair I've never felt one way or the other on the character. Because seriously, never really interested in the Thunderbird legacy character. But on X-Force he... Actually I never read X-force. I sort of read X-Necrosha when the library got it, but uh, from what I can gather back when X-force was "the all trackers and characters with sharp weapons team" he was mostly used to fill the crowd. I don't even know if this is the 2nd or 3rd black ops X-force minimate I have. So clearly I don't really give a damn.

And look, he comes with 90's Xavier for no good reason other than they're both X-men. This isn't even a version of Xavier that shared a decade with this version of Warpath. The box mentions that they were on the same team when they went into space to kill Cyclops crazy space brother, but uh, neither was wearing these costumes. (And it fails to mention that Xavier asked Warpath to go with them because Warpath hated Xavier, just like Vulcan, so maybe he could anticipate the anti-Xavier strategies.)

And Xavier comes with what apparently Jim Lee thinks a wheelchair should look like. Okay, yes, this version of Xavier is the version that had already spent a lot of time married to the alien queen of an empire of planets, so him having access to a floating wheelchair sort of makes sense, but it's also during the period when they were pretending that they weren't the X-men to the world at large.  Still, he comes with a suit (boring) and more importantly, his X-men action jumpsuit (silly).

Incidentally, this is the 3rd Xavier minimate I have. And I'm not entirely sure why.

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