Monday, April 11, 2011

'08 Garbage Truck

Okay, so when it comes to the little die cast cars, I really enjoy the ones that aren't of racing cars but are instead of the dull mundane trucks that ensure the daily stability of our society. Your moving vans, your ice cream trucks... YOUR GARBAGE TRUCKS! I've always been weirded out... well not always, but lately, that Matchbox cars and Hot Wheels are made by the same company. You get the sense that they're supposed to be competing against one another, but instead they're just complementary. Hot Wheels is the slick and insane. Matchbox is the mundane and reliable. Which is why I like Matchbox. Because you get cars that I could conceivably see on the street. This Garbage Truck says its from the City Action series. Good enough for me! The Anapolis Maryland sign on the truck is painted on, no stickers for Matchbox. The plastic crusher on the back of the truck doesn't move, which disappointed me a little. Some of the Matchbox trucks have moving doors or panels, but this one sadly does not. Also, and even more sadly, so I guess sadlier, the width of the axels and the weight of the truck prevented it from being compatible with the Hot Wheels launcher. Instead it threw the truck into the air, causing it to tumble until it finally crashed to a halt.

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