Friday, April 15, 2011

Azrael Batman

This is the first Batman I've bought from the DCU Classics line. That may seem weird, but remember, I hate plastic capes and this is the first Batman to not have one. There's also a pretty big, "I can't believe they made that," factor at work here.
Also known as Knightfall Batman or "That stupid substitute Batman they did in the 90's." Although I guess Batman eXtreme or Power Armor Batman would also work. Oh comic books in the 90's. I love you for all your misguided goofiness and dedication to spectacle. Your willingness to shake things up no matter how stupid or silly is commendable. In hindsight.

And if you release toys devoted to the silliest looking part of this era I will flock to them... like moths to a really stupid looking flame. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the downside to nostalgia. When people start getting nostalgic for crap.

So yes, my big collection of the big 3 in this wave is "Mullet Superman," "Extreme Batman," and "Wonder Woman." Yes they made the 90's Substitute Wonder Woman, but that wasn't a silly design. Although if they want to do the 90's defrocked Diana in black hot pants, bikini, and stupid mid-drift baring jacket... I still probably would't buy it.

Knightfall Batman though? Wearing robot armor because why not? This is pure gold.

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