Friday, April 15, 2011

Aquaman & The Riddler

Man, I've really wanted an Aquaman DCUC figure for... I dunno... years. (2 still allows me to use the plural.)

So what is one to do if they want a hard to find action figure but don't want to pay high toy show prices?

Answer: Hope you have good luck on eBay. Which I did.

So just a bit later I've got me an Aquaman for what I consider a reasonable price. It doesn't come with a trident, but my version of Aquaman doesn't use a trident. Of course in my mind the definitive version of Aquaman is the ridiculously ineffective version that is made fun of on Superfriends parodies. Which is why I bypassed the gold shirt, long hair, and Ocean Warrior versions. Well everyone bypassed the Ocean Warrior version. That thing sucked. But hey! A toy of the most mocked superhero? You can check that off my list.

Also from ebay, the same company actually, but different auctions. (And coming in surprisingly fast for a shipment from China) it's the Riddler! My favorite supervillian of all time. I had the Wal-mart wave figure, but based on the theory that I might never see the one in the latest DCUC wave I ordered him online. He doesn't come with his cane but I have the one from the old figure.

Of course a week later I found the entire wave in a Target. But I still paid less for him on ebay, so I didn't feel too bad. It's not like I was trying to collect the build-a-figure.


  1. Ha ha, I share your pain and di the same thing myself! If you're willing to shell out a little extra, you can also get an Ocean Master MOC from those same dealers and return the Trident to the REAL King of Atlantis!

  2. ''Try not to get any salt water in it.''


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