Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Muppet Newscaster

Okay, you see this? This is why I'm hesitant to buy loose figures on eBay. Here I thought I was getting a good deal on a Muppet figure, and when it comes in the mail the dude's head is off, and you can tell that there's some very tell tale signs of it trying to be stuck back on with some weird modeling clay.

Don't get me wrong, the seller refunded my money, but damn shame. The accessories are pretty awesome, the news desk and phone look great. The background with the stickers is a bit off since the stickers are peeling off. (Originally came with a sheet of 8 you could choose yourself.) This would have been a great figure. The design was solid. The glasses had a certain molded shape to let them attach easily, and it could easily stand on its own.

And the real shame is that you can't find the guy on eBay for the same price. Although the seller allowed me to keep the toy, so I guess in theory I could try supergluing the head back on, resulting in a lack of head articulation... Or I could keep it headless and have an awesome story about it.


  1. That sucks but maybe you could fix it with some crazy glue or something.

  2. I find that a plastic neck post/peg like this can be replaces with a small woodscrew with no noticeable loss in articulation. Just dig out the old broken post with a knife or a small screwdriver and then drive a screw with the right size head (the same or slightly bigger than the hole) into the soft plastic where the old post broke off. The trick is to find the right size screw, but if you have some around, the soft plastic is very forgiving, and it doesn't have to be the perfect size. I fix a lot of broken joints like this.