Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Fifth Doctor & The Master

Surprisingly I don't mind getting another 5th Doctor figure as much as I thought I would. I think it's the hat. I've already got a non-hatted 5th Doctor, (Actually I think I have two) but the hat makes him a variation I can live with. Which is to say, I really wanted the Master figure but was ambivalent about the Doctor figure in this set. This is the Anthony Ainley Master as he appeared in the serial Planet of Fire... Or it's how a robot forced to shape shift to look like the Master appeared when he was being mind-controlled. The actual Master had accidentally miniaturized himself and was almost killed by a shoe. This explains why the Master figure is wearing a suit instead of his iconic costume. Ah well, it's essentially the Master. The head sculpt is right on, producing a very good likeness. So you can pretend this is how the Master looks when he puts on a suit. I like the Master. I feel he's one of the BIG BADS of the Doctor Who series and deserves more respect than he's usually given. So I'm glad to collect the toys of him... although I'm on the fence about the version of him from the Deadly Assassin. I never thought that was a very good Master portrayal. Too over the top. Which if you saw any of the Anthony Ainley episodes is saying something since they intentionally tried to make his evil campy and over the top. But Anthony Ainley was the Master in the episodes of Doctor Who I watched growing up, so he's the Master I associate most with the role.

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  1. Tom Baker was the Doctor I grew up with, although my "first" Doctor was Jon Pertwee...I remember the change well and found it upsetting as a kid! These figures are great though - check out my Squidoo lens on the entire Doctor Who action figure series if you like.