Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Staff Strike Batman

Man you gotta love those pointless Batman toy variants. Fortunately once you take off the staff strikers, or whatever they're called, the toy becomes a straight Batman figure. With no silly colors or whatever added to his costume. Pure black and whatever color his utility belt is.
It's a good representation of the Dark Knight movie costume, with the bat insignia barely visible, what with it being black on black. It features a cloth cape (which is great since I hate plastic capes on toys) and also a hole in that cape. At first I thought I had ripped it when I was opening it. But based on the placement and symmetry of the cut, I deduced that it is a hole built into the figure in order to allow back pack accessories plug into the hole on the figure's back. Now whose the world's greatest detective? So what possessed me to buy a Dark Knight toy a good 3 years after the movie? Well it's because the 5 inch figures from this line are in almost perfect scale with the 5 inch Doctor Who toys. Which means... CROSSOVER!

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