Monday, April 4, 2011

Lego Minifigures: Geisha, Painter, Hazmat Suit

A local Toys R Us had Series 4 of the Lego minifigures out. I picked up 9. Geisha: She has the triangle dress block that I hate. Other than that the white skin and unusual hair piece makes her seem so very unLego-like. As a depiction of an ancient culture it's pretty cool. Unfortunately I suspect that it's mostly been chosen for the superficial aspects of the Geisha and the West's continual fetishization of Asian women. WOAH! Political! That's right, sometimes "Why Did I Buy That Toy" gets deep! Painter: The wooden palette is pretty genius in how they pulled it off. The paint brush, which if its to scale would be about the size of your forearm, is kinda weird. Also, talking about stereotypes: the beret and hipster expression of disdain: someone doesn't think too much of painters. Hazmat Suit Guy: No comment necessary.