Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Patrol Bear Fozzie

So I never bought any of the Muppet figures when they came out. I was buying toys here and there but I never picked them up, despite the fact that the Muppets were one of two seminal properties that essentially shaped my childhood. Why I didn't buy the toys... I dunno, I was pissed off about something, their lack of articulation or... I don't actually know. I've long since forgotten. The line ended back in 2005... which may have been during the period of my third toy buying rennaisance, so I really can't figure out why I never bought the damned things. But I didn't. And that brings us today. A while back, deciding I needed to get one DEFINITIVE Indiana Jones toy, I ended up buying the Adventure Kermit figure, essentially the Indiana Jones Kermit toy, off of e-bay. AND Damn it's an awesome figure. I've finally come to a point where I no longer demand insane amounts of articulation, paritcularly if the toys in question serve as good display pieces. And The Muppet Toys deliver that in spades, with just enough articulation to allow awesome poses. So now I'm searching for Muppet Action Figures that don't cost a lot. That last part is what makes things difficult. These aren't toys anymore, they're collector's items and that means the price gets driven up, especially on e-bay. So I'm on a quest to get all my favorite characters at prices that aren't hyper-inflated. Which through a very long introduction, leads me to today's toy. I got Patrol Bear Fozzie in an auction along with the normal Fozzie figure. Together the figures cost me around $20 after shipping costs, which is pretty good considering the normal Fozzie figure goes for around $40 on ebay. Which leads to a dilemma I have, if I'm paying that much for an action figure, do I want to open them? That's one of the reasons I only want to pay low dollars for these toys, I want to feel okay opening them. So Patrol Bear Fozzie, which goes for significantly less, I have no problem opening up and tossing away the packaging. It's going to be an odd dillemma as I start collecting this line. Which ones do I open? I think I'm going to try to collect my favorite characters, but their variant costumes which came out in later waves and tend to sell for less. To this end the Patrol Bear Fozzie is a good figure to start with (if you ignore Adventure Kermit, which is in a box so can be easily removed and put back in with no problems.) A bit on Patrol Bear Fozzie, I enjoyed the Patrol Bear skits on the Muppet Show, and I get a weird kick of pretending that Fozzie is the police authority when I stand him next to my DCU Classics figures. (They're roughly in scale.) This figure is a good representation of the sketch. The sculpt is amazing and the articulation is adequate to good, with 10 points of articulation. (Neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips.) The hat is held on with magnets, and he comes with an insane amount of accessories that all attach to his belt. He's got a flashlight, a pair of handcuffs that open and close, a walkie talkie, some random pouches, and a billy club. A billy club. I guess Fozzie is supposed to... No... Fozzie wouldn't beat the living crap out of the other Muppets. There's also a stand to help with the posing and the standing and whatnot. All in all, I WANT MORE FIGURES FROM THIS LINE!

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