Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prize Envelope.... COULD BE YOURS!!!

Hmm, still no listener questions... Guys, come on. If you listen to the Articulated Monster Podcast then you know we're letting the first person to send us a listener question select a prize envelope sent to them from either Mario, CounterFett, or me. (Actually I don't know if CounterFett is actually in on this or if he was joking around.)

Since we haven't had any listener questions I thought I'd show off what I'm throwing in my prize envelope. As you can see it's a pretty good mass of stuff. A few cards from the Star Trek Collectible Card Game, two Tiny Titans temporary tattoos, a mini claw, an ed Hardy temporary tattoo, a Goon button, a Vertigo button, a Superman button, a lenticular card that morphs from a ice cream cone into a golf tee, and a mystery prize, which I'm pretty sure has mini-policemen figures. You know like the plastic army men, except their police men, and half the size of regualr tiny army men, so they're like super-mini. And probably blue.

All this and a one-of-a-kind painted envelope (designed and paitned by me) will be yours if you are the first person to send a listener question to and select James's envelope as your first prize. (Remember to rank your three choices in order of preference so we can send out a 2nd & 3rd prizes in case we have more than one listener question. Also, include your mailing address.)

Oh man, I can't believe I think this is enough of a draw to get a listener question. I mean... wow, great amazing prizes!

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