Monday, April 18, 2011


These guys are from the Auton 2-pack which must have pissed off people who bought the single pack Auton for the exact same price. I've always liked the Autons as Doctor Who monsters, but I haven't picked up any of their figures until now because the figures are kind of bland. Still... SALE! Okay, that'll get me into them. So I picked them up. They're rather bland figures, but I guess that's the point since they're supposed to be mannequins. Part of the hand comes off to reveal... Well not a blaster, just a hole where the peg goes in to keep the hand on. They're a welcome addition to my collection as I try to collect my favorite Doctor Who monsters, but again, kinda bland.


  1. It was actually the single packed Auton that pissed me off. Simply because this was released way before that. Before CO wised up to the fact that they could repaint it, give us half of what we bought before and charge the same amount. Just like a proper toy company does.

  2. Personally, I wish they'd produce the Fear Autons.. Remember the litle weird looking guys with the plastic heads and straw hats?