Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hot Wheels: VW Bug, Dairy Delivery, Classic Caddy

Hey, Wondercon vendors were selling Hot Wheels, and then I bought some! Let's do a run down. VW Bug

Seriously, who doesn't want a Hot Wheel of a VW Bug? Especially one that looks like it was vandalized by a retro-80's discotech.

Dairy Delivery Won't lie to you, I only got this because it has "Got Milk" printed on the side. Who knew Hot Wheels was into a corporate sponsorship with the Milk Council? At least they put it on a milk truck, which makes sense. Although I would totally buy a Hot Wheel of a muscle car with "Got Milk" pinted on it. Classic Caddy Classy! I got this so I could send it down a Hot Wheels ramp and then do loops. Because damn, it looks like the car of a rich dude who comes from old money. And he's got a chauffer named "Bentley." So pretty much I'm saying an old rich guy from any movie made in the 80's.

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