Thursday, April 28, 2011

Leoben & Starbuck

I admit, I only got this because it was two minimates for $2.50 at Toys R' Us. I don't know anything about Leoben and the only thing I know about this Starbuck is that I've got a nerd crush on the actress for her performance on a Futurama episode. Okay, not entirely true, I've read synopsis of all the episodes, but I've only seen one.

Either way, the only comments I've got here are that the Leoben is a boring minimate and that the "half-on" flight suit sculpt kinda sucks since it means you don't get a proper "civilian clothes" minimate or a full "flight suit" minimate, just some weird hybrid.

Although, how hilarious is it that the level of detail on Leoben and Starbuck are so disparate? Minor character: Let's put so many lines and details on his face that he looks just like the actor. Main character: slap two eyes and a mouth on it. Done!

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