Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pigs in Space

There's no way I could afford one of the Palisades Muppet playsets... except this one. This is the one that goes cheap. Relatively cheap. So, as they say, hooray. The set comes with Miss Piggy as First Mate Piggy, which is good because there were only two time I really liked the Piggy character, during the Veterenarian Hospital skit and Muppet Babies. But I did like the Pigs in Space costume, a lot more than the other costumes they made action figures of her in. So if I'm going to try and complete the main quartet, this is the Piggy figure I like the most.

The playset itself is pretty cool. It looks very much like a 60's space ship interior. The image on the view screen in the back can be swapped out with other cardboard ovals that come with the set, everything from basic space backgrounds to planet surfaces to other Muppets flying/floating through space. The playset itself has a lot of moving parts, which I love in playsets.

The levers on the main console all move up and down, the doors have a mechanism that simulates the "swoosh" type opening movements, and the chairs are atached to the floor but in a manner that allows them to be pushed back so figures can sit in the chairs and then be scooted forward so their knees are under the console table. Also, the set itself folds out a bit to create a larger play area. The set also comes with a number of consoles that can be snapped together in various configurations. I'm not sure how they fit onto the playset itself as there isn't anywhere to attach them to the playset, so really they're like free standing sci-fi consoles. Which I guess is neat.


  1. oh how i used to love the pigs in space sketches on the muppets when i was a kid! as soon as i read the title of this post i found myself saying it aloud in that booming voice: "Piiiiggggssss iiiinnnn SPAAAAACCCCCEEEE!" great nostalgia piece!

  2. They are pretty awesome in general. The Star Wars episode in particular.

  3. Sorry to say it but I have never been a big Muppet fan unless it was Sesame Street as a wee tot. But I do absolutely adore this play-set!! In fact I was googling it to see how to assemble the extra consoles which lead me here. It just came in the mail today and I plan to quickly have a couple dozen of my Cybermen invade and take it over!!

    I like the way it can be used for my massive Doctor Who collection.

    Great review, and thanks!