Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ending days: Transformers commercials from 1989 and 1990

Check out this compilation of Transformers commercials from the 1989 and 1990, the dying days of the toyline in the United States when Hasbro tried any gimmick it could to stimulate consumer interest (this included the creation of the Action Master subset, where the company just threw its hands up in frustration and figured it might as well just issue Transformers toys that didn't actually, you know, transform).

What's hilarious about seeing all these commercials back-to-back is that it really hammers home how awful the lyrics are to the accompanying jingles. It's the same groan-inducing effect you get from watching all those David Caruso opening scenes to CSI: Miami edited together. I imagine recording all the vocals in the studio in take after take must have been soul-crushing to whomever was singing on these things.

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  1. He sounds like the Real Men of Genius guy!

    Takara used some of the Action Master sets for the Magne Powers Micromen - - is recycled from this line I believe.


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