Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dollar Store Visit

I always browse the aisles of the Dollar store for toys, because hey, they're a dollar. As long as you don't get too much you can usually absorb the impact of a couple purchases. On my last visit I picked up the following: Star Trek Trading Card Game Booster Pack: I used to love these in high school. In fact this is from the same edition that was available back then. I never got any rare cards, just generic crew dudes. And that streak did not end now. I love that Youth is considered a skill. Uh oh, this challenege can only be defeated by someone under the age of 30. Guess they're dealing with a lot of late night partying issues on Away Team missions. Also, how weird is it that the espionage guys all have skills in regular professions. I guess that was what they studied in Undergrad before deciding to enroll in the world of espionage. I also picked up this punching Frog Pen. It's a pen with a punching frog puppet on it, you know, like the punching Nun puppet that's so insinuated itself into pop culture. Kinda cool. Although I don't know why they put a pen on it. Who is actually going to use it for that?

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