Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sarah Jane Smith and the Graske

Look what I found for $5! Man, I love conventions. This is a two pack of Doctor Who characters, but it's from the Sarah Jane Smith Adventures line. SJS Adventures is a kids show (a lot of it is on the level of Power Rangers) which is a spin-off of Doctor Who that follows Sarah Jane Smith and a bunch of local teenagers as they solve mysteries involving aliens. But unlike the Torchwood figures, all these figures are made by the same company that does the Doctor Who figures so they're actually in scale!

First up is Sarah Jane Smith, a companion of the 4th and 5th Doctors. (Edit: right, 3rd and 4th Doctros, ugh, gotta stop writing these when I'm exhausted.) She started hanging out every now and then with 10, and once met 11. This is her in her... I guess in her fifities or late forties. Either way she's got that more mature look that is different than her look from the 70's. Of the three different versions of Sarah this has the least garrish looking outfit. The articulation is almost identical to the Doctor Who figures and if you didn't know better, you'd swear it was from that toy line. The same could be said of the Graske. While a smaller figure, it is surprisingly articulate, with 14 points of articulation.

The Graske are... well I don't know. They've made minor cameo appearances in some Doctor Who episodes, but they weren't fully used until the Sarah Jane Adventures, which I don't watch because I'm a grown ass man and I don't watch shows where adults shove a bunch of teenagers into situtations so they can save the world and be identifiable with today's youth market. Both figures are awesome, and work 100% with my other Doctor Who figures, so I'm loving this set.

Although it would be nice to know how anyone is supposed to hold that weird mini-computer palm pilot accessory. Since the Sarah Jane Smith figure in the regular Doctor Who toyline is so hard to find, this was more than a great substitution, since it comes with a Graske, an alien not available to the regular toyline.


  1. Sarah Jane was the Third Doctor's companion, ''inherited'' by the Fourth.

    As for SJA, you should give it a go - some of the episodes are actually very good and the kids in it aren't as annoying as you'd expect.

  2. Yeah, 3rd and 4th, not 4th & 5th. Gotta start proofreading these.

    I've seen the SJA adventures pilot and the episodes with the Doctor in them. Even with the Doctor in the show I find it pretty irritating, so take him out and just leave the characters and overly simple plots... I think I'll pass.