Monday, April 25, 2011

Christmas Adventure Set

So when they announced that they were going to make an Amy Pond figure dressed in her first appearance Police Woman costume, I was all, HELL YES I AM BUYING THAT. Then they revealed that she would be in a box set with the 11th Doctor and a non-electronic TARDIS and I was all, DAMN, I already have a TARDIS and a 11th Doctor. But I bought it anyway for $50. Then they revealed that they would also release Amy Pond in Police Woman Costume single card as a variant in the Pandorica Wave. And Then I was kinda pissed. Then I found out that it was being sold for $30 and I wasn't pissed off anymore. Because that means by buying this set I got another TARDIS and a 11th Doctor for $20, which is a pretty good deal... Especially since I have a friend who fricking loves the 11th Doctor so hey, instant birthday present! Let's go through these guys. 1st: 11th Doctor. Kinda meh. Very similar to the other one I have from the 11 Doctors set, although the coat is more stripey than mine. So very much something that I wouldn't mind giving to someone else as a present. TARDIS: It's the new design, the one that has the St Johns Hospital symbol like the TARDIS used to have during the Hartnell years. It's very similar to the other ones I have, except that the cardboard insert in the TARDIS meant to showcase the interior has the new TARDIS interior design on it. Pretty neat. But what is a man supposed to do with three TARDISes? Ah well, it's a better situation than having three 6th Doctors that all look alike... which I do. Amy Pond in Police Woman Costume: There are definately balance issues, and the miniskirt hampers the leg articulation a little, so that makes it even harder to stand her up. The costume is pretty spot on, although her expression is more bland than I would have liked. The number of joints remains the same from the other Amy figure, although the placement is altered slightly to account for the outfit design. For example: Instead of wrist joints there's a mid-forearm cut joint. And there is a cut neck joint, but because of the way the hair is sculpted it's made moot. Interestingly enough, they've also added a bit of paint along the back of Amy's leg to simulate the look of a stocking seam.

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  1. Hey,
    I live in Alaska.. The toy looks nice in the pics.. May be I would like to gift something like this to my son... He is really fond of police games and toys.