Monday, April 4, 2011

Dragon Fight

It's Easter! Almost! And as we've seen before, that means it's time for Target to put out some promotional Legos for your stocking/trick or treaters/easterbasket/valentine. Another one of this year's offerings is a Ninjago, Master of Spinjas, set. Although like all the sets in this line under $10, it doesn't come with the top battling system for the mini-figs, which means it's a poor way to get people into the central "game" conceit of the line. Instead it just becomes a Ninjas vs. Skeletons series. Which is surprisingly not that interesting.

2011: Ninjas are played out. Who woulda guessed?

But this set doesn't have a skeleton. Instead it has the red ninja (Kai) which looks a lot like the ninja from the 1st series of minifigures, but red. There's also a bird thing that they say in a dragon. But look at it, it's a bird. A BIRD!

Overall, it's hit or miss if this is worth the cost. Considering a ninja minifigure in the blind bag minifigure line cost $3, this is pretty much getting that bird thing for another buck. So if that's your thing, totally get it. Me, I'm underwhelmed.

It does have an interesting lego piece that I've never seen before, but is that really worth paying $4 for? No.


  1. I got this a while ago, and I kinda dug it. No accounting for taste, I guess.

  2. I definitely agree about it being a bird and not a dragon though. I mean seriously, it looks like Kai is following his nose to a nutritious cereal*

    *as part of a balanced breakfast.