Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lego Minifigures: Viking Frankenstein's Monster, Wolfman

Continuing on, these guys are pretty awesome.

Viking: Is a viking. Yeah. Good figure though.

Frankenstein's Monster: Why doesn't frankie get an accessory? His head thing doesn't count. They all have hair.

Wolfman: Really? Wolfman gets a bone? Because he's a wolfman, not a dog. And dogs are the ones obsessed with bones. I'm also a little disappointed that this doesn't use the classic wolfman Lego head piece, which was a piece molded to look like a wolf.


  1. Nice score, these three are awesome. The accessories for the viking are sweet. Now If I could only find series 4 locally.

  2. Of the three, I think I like Frankenstein's monster the most, even though he doesn't come with an accessory, the head part is pretty sweet. The fig overall seems very well executed.

  3. Nice pull! I haven't seen enough of series 4 to find a Viking or Frank, but the Wolfman is pretty cool. I think Lego was going for the classic Universal Monsters version as opposed to the more modern/ The Howling take that you're thinking of.

  4. Fett: The bandaids on Frankie's head piece are a little off putting, but otherwise he's a great piece. I dunno, would a brain or a lightning bolt be out of the question? Or a shovel I guess.

  5. soundwave: Probably cheaper for them to make too, less plastic. I'm just diosappointed that I can't recreate my Lego rockband character.